Welcome to Fifty Days

New Australian book publisher

Australian publisher

Fifty Days Press is an independent publishing house for Australian authors and books that breathe life. We have a particular, but not exclusive, interest in Christian publishing.

Fifty Days seeks to be risk-taking, innovative, agile and experimental, hoping to improve the art of creating books and enhancing the experience of the reader.

We are a small publisher in an often challenging market and would welcome expressions of interest in partnerships and collaboration – through our Contact page.

Our publishing interests include:

  • Non-fiction with a deeply spiritual yet intelligent, practical Christian worldview.
  • Trade non-fiction including leadership, health, education and lifestyle.
  • Australian Christian literary fiction which will contribute to the national conversation about how Australians see themselves in the world.
  • Genre fiction such as crime, historical, fantasy and science fiction.
  • Memoir/biography
  • Children’s and young adult fiction and non-fiction
  • Australian Christian poetry.


Fifty Days Press is unique in bringing together professional publishing skills and extensive media and publicity experience, alongside an awareness of faith-based nuances, in the context of insightful marketplace communication.

Whether it is a blockbuster novel, life-changing health guide or a new poetic voice, the diverse publishing ambitions of Fifty Days Press coalesce around the simple idea of intuitive, relational publishing that turns pages into life giving breath for an all too breathless world.

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