Publishing progress for Fifty Days

Establishing a new publishing business a few months out from a pandemic does not sound like a great plan, but of course, plotting the future is more the role of authors and not publishers.

The good news is that, despite the challenges besetting the publishing sector as a result of Covid-19, Fifty Days Press will this month publish its first book, When The Smoke Clears: Surviving the Australian Bushfires, by Chrissy Guinery.

This title is exactly why Fifty Days began – to champion the voice of outstanding Australian Christian authors who otherwise might not find a supportive publisher who both understands and can champion their work.

And a publisher who can negotiate the challenges of industry and excellence to ensure stories such as When The Smoke Clears have every opportunity to find wide distribution and thousands of readers.

New distribution contract

An exciting step forward for Fifty Days Press has been to establish a distribution agreement with Booktopia Publishing Services (BPS).

BPS is an outstanding distributor for the Australian and world markets, not the least because of their connection to one of Australia’s leading retail booksellers.

This announcement means that Fifty Days Press books will be available across a range of good bookstores and booksellers, including of course, Booktopia.

Find us on Koorong and Amazon

Fifty Days is also excited to announce that its books can now be found at Australia’s biggest Christian bookseller, Koorong, as well as

New manuscripts

Finally we have received manuscript submissions from Christian authors and are reviewing these as we plan our ongoing trade publishing schedule. If you are author with an unpublished manuscript or previously published but of print books, please review our manuscript submissions page.

And of course, as a start-up publisher, we desperately need your support – please buy our books either from our web store, author websites, or any of the above retailers and other good booksellers.