Books that breathe life

There’s a story about a group of people who knew there was a better world but all they could do was wait.

Fifty days, fifty long days, crowded together.

Then the day came and fresh wind blew through their lives and it was everything and more they had hoped for and it did change the world, continues to change the world.

Fifty Days Press is an expression of the mighty rushing wind or quiet breath that reaches to the heart of things and offers life and hope.

Books are about ideas and ideas shape the world but what shapes the ideas? Fifty Days hopes to share with the world books carrying big ideas shaped by the very breath of God.

Books that breathe life…

A lot can happen in fifty days. Habits can be broken, new paths can be established, books can be written, worlds can be changed.

Where will you be fifty days from now?

Hopefully filling your mind and spirit with life-giving words and ideas from, among other places, Fifty Days Press.