Books that breathe life

There’s a story about a group of people who knew there was a better world but all they could do was wait.

Fifty days, fifty long days, crowded together.

Then the day came and fresh wind blew through their lives and it was everything and more they had hoped for and it did change the world, continues to change the world.

Fifty Days Press is an expression of the mighty rushing wind or quiet breath that reaches to the heart of things and offers life and hope.

Books are about ideas and ideas shape the world but what shapes the ideas? Fifty Days hopes to share with the world books carrying big ideas shaped by the very breath of God.

Books that breathe life…

A lot can happen in fifty days. Habits can be broken, new paths can be established, books can be written, worlds can be changed.

Where will you be fifty days from now?

Hopefully filling your mind and spirit with life-giving words and ideas from, among other places, Fifty Days Press.

What is the quality of Australian Christian writing?

In the lead up to the announcement of Australia’s Christian Book of the Year (back in August), Sparklit’s Michael Collie discusses on Vision Radio about the quality of Australian Christian writing and what it takes to win the coveted award.

The winner in 2020 was For the Love of God: The church is better and worse than you ever imagined by Natasha Moore from Centre for Public Christianity.

Check out what Michael has to say here:

Neil Johnson of Twenty 20 interviews Michael Collie

And if you have a great Christian manuscript, Fifty Days Press is an exciting new publisher that can take your writing career to the next level. Check out our manuscript submission page.

Fifty Days Press excited to be part of Small Press Network Christmas Catalogue

Fifty Days Press is excited to feature its bestselling 2020 release, When The Smoke Clears in the Small Press Network’s Christmas Catalogue which includes more than 100 fresh titles from 30 publishers.

As a startup publisher, the opportunity to partner with SPN and other smaller publishers to promote great books is welcome, particularly in such a challenging year.

Fifty Days Press launched to the public in February 2020, literally days before the reality of a pandemic came sweeping across the world and while bushfire smoke still lingered in many parts of our nation.

Time to say thank you

We are grateful to established author Chrissy Guinery who joined forces with Fifty Days, allowing us to reprint and reformat as an ebook her classic memoir Falling Up Stairs and then bring to us her brand new manuscript about surviving the Australian bushfires.

Now into its third reprint, When The Smoke Clears has been an outstanding success and continues to attract readers and wider interest. Just in the past few weeks, Samaritan’s Purse, whose humanitarian work after the bushfires is recounted in parts of the book, has prepared a multimedia feature on Chrissy, her book and the South Coast community she has championed so passionately during first, the bushfire crisis, and onwards as Covid-19 hit.

Chrissy is not only a great author, but a publisher, writing teacher and inspirational speaker who champions people daily. Check out her website and why not ask Chrissy about the benefits for authors in partnering with Fifty Days Press.

Thanks also go to SOS Print and Media who despite being bit hard by the economic impact of the pandemic, have continued to get our books to print. They are an excellent small run book printer who we highly recommend (but keep in mind they are rebuilding their team after a tough year).

Booktopia Publisher Service has also faced the challenges of pandemic restrictions particularly in regard to overseas publishers and titles but tackled this by ramping up its support for local publishers, and Fifty Days is glad to be one of them.

Thanks to a range of media who have read our releases and seen the value of When The Smoke Clears. Among those to feature author interviews are Eternity newspaper, Hope103.2, Vision Radio, Ultra 106.5 Hobart and a range of other local media outlets.

Finally a big thanks to Koorong, Vision Radio Bookstore, Cornerstone Bookshop Erina, Booktopia, a bunch of local businesses in Bateman’s Bay, Harbour Bookshop Ulladulla and many other booksellers and retailers across Australia who got on board and stocked When The Smoke Clears. (And here’s a tip friends – get your retail stock now for the Christmas rush!)

Digital launch: When The Smoke Clears

Author Chrissy Guinery and Fifty Days Press are adapting to current Covid-19 restrictions and launching When The Smoke Clears: Surviving the Australian bushfires, in a series of video releases today (May 20) on Facebook, and shared here in sequence.

Bateman’s bay Rural Fire Service Captain Ian Aitken helps launch When The Smoke Clears. Ian’s experiences leading the effort to fight the devastating fires of 2019-20 are included in the book.

Eurobadalla Shire Mayor, Liz Innes, whose own fire story is included in When The Smoke Clears, contributes to the official launch today (May 20).

To purchase When The Smoke Clears, click here or visit Booktopia, Koorong and other good bookstores.

Telling stories as part of bushfire recovery

Chrissy Guinery has always been a storyteller, and even as she and her family were surrounded by dangerous fires, her social posts – shared to let friends know how they were faring – became essential reading as a window on the tragic 2019-20 bushfire season.

Soon people were urging her to write a book about the experience and within about 50 days from the worst of the fires, she had done just that.

The result is When The Smoke Clears: Surviving the Australian bushfires and it is available now.

In this moving video, created for us by Boats Media (who excel in content ‘based on a true story’) Chrissy speaks of the challenge of writing as it brought her back to the fires, the loss, the grief but then the journey onwards into recovery.

Publishing progress for Fifty Days

Establishing a new publishing business a few months out from a pandemic does not sound like a great plan, but of course, plotting the future is more the role of authors and not publishers.

The good news is that, despite the challenges besetting the publishing sector as a result of Covid-19, Fifty Days Press will this month publish its first book, When The Smoke Clears: Surviving the Australian Bushfires, by Chrissy Guinery.

This title is exactly why Fifty Days began – to champion the voice of outstanding Australian Christian authors who otherwise might not find a supportive publisher who both understands and can champion their work.

And a publisher who can negotiate the challenges of industry and excellence to ensure stories such as When The Smoke Clears have every opportunity to find wide distribution and thousands of readers.

New distribution contract

An exciting step forward for Fifty Days Press has been to establish a distribution agreement with Booktopia Publishing Services (BPS).

BPS is an outstanding distributor for the Australian and world markets, not the least because of their connection to one of Australia’s leading retail booksellers.

This announcement means that Fifty Days Press books will be available across a range of good bookstores and booksellers, including of course, Booktopia.

Find us on Koorong and Amazon

Fifty Days is also excited to announce that its books can now be found at Australia’s biggest Christian bookseller, Koorong, as well as

New manuscripts

Finally we have received manuscript submissions from Christian authors and are reviewing these as we plan our ongoing trade publishing schedule. If you are author with an unpublished manuscript or previously published but of print books, please review our manuscript submissions page.

And of course, as a start-up publisher, we desperately need your support – please buy our books either from our web store, author websites, or any of the above retailers and other good booksellers.

Booktopia’s top-selling Australian novels for 2019

Everyone loves a list and so when one of Australia’s leading booksellers releases it’s top selling Australian novels for 2019, it’s worth a look.

While not listing them in order, Booktopia’s top 12 Australian novels in terms of sales for 2019 are:

  • The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion
  • Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris
  • The Wife and the Widow by Christian White
  • Good Girl Bad Girl by Michael Robotham
  • Khaki Town by Judy Nunn
  • The Weekend by Charlotte Wood
  • The Last Paradise by Di Morrissey
  • The Diamond Hunter by Fiona McIntosh
  • The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle by Sophie Green
  • The Place in Dalhousie by Melina Marchetta
  • The Yield by Tara June Winch
  • Damascus by Christos Tsiolkas

Eight of the top 12 are by women and a number of titles follow the breakout success of a previous novel such Cilka’s Journey or The Wife and the Widow.

How many have your read and what surprise omissions were there for you?

Book news for (fifty) days

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As a start up publisher, the biggest challenge is, where are the books?

While established publishers fill their sites with news of their books and authors, we are, well, still getting there.

So don’t be surprised if we buck the trend and write here about other people’s books that we love and are inspired by.

Plus our take on the world of publishing, writing and communicating big ideas and wonderful stories.

So put a book mark here and come back on a quiet afternoon.

Oh yes, and we are feverishly working away towards some amazing book releases in 2020 – perhaps this could be your manuscript…