Authors & illustrators

Danny Graham

Registered psychologist and schoolteacher, Danny Graham.

Danny has more than 30 years experience providing counselling and psychological support services to children and teens in Australia and overseas. He has told his own story countless times of encountering bullying as a student and has drawn on all his experience and expertise for his first novel for preteens and teens (11-15). It’s a gripping story of one boy’s attempts to deal with the nightmare of bullying and how this leads to change across the whole school!

Chrissy Guinery

Chrissy Guinery author of When The Smoke Clears and Falling Up Stairs

Chrissy Guinery is all about empowering others.

As a successful author and motivational speaker, Chrissy is renowned for her infectious joy, passionate faith and her desire to see others rise to fulfil their purpose and potential. To achieve this, she has been sharing her life secrets for more than 20 years in a down-to-earth relatable style, leaving people with essential tools for pursuing a more effective and fulfilling life.

She is the author of Falling Up Stairs (2016) and Room to Breathe (2018) and children’s book, Buzz Loves His Friend.

Elyssa Hallett

Elyssa Hallett illustrator of Rusty the tractor who never gives up

Elyssa discovered her artist’s voice on the eve of Sydney’s 2020 lockdown, and has wasted no time in illustrating her debut children’s book, Rusty the tractor.

Elyssa’s greatest influence and inspiration is her young daughter, with her tenacious desire to explore busy streets, greet every passing stranger, and eat whatever she finds on the ground. Illustrating Rusty, his wide-open farmlands, and native animal friends, is a welcome intrusion of country life into the big city.

Courtney Johnston

Courtney Johnston author of Rusty the tractor who never gives up

Courtney Johnston is a dairy farmer’s wife, young mum and first-time author.

She and her husband, Wade, are raising two young children on their thriving dairy farm in South-East Queensland, Australia. Since having children, Courtney has been able to see the farm through the eyes of a child, realising it is full of life and endless stories to tell. Rusty the tractor is based on a real tractor, passed down from generation to generation, now belonging to Courtney and Wade. The tractor is old and worn but keeps going strong. Courtney is excited to be writing farm books for kids and hopes they’ll not only have fun with Rusty, but also learn about different aspects of farm life.

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