A bully named Nightmare! - Study Guide

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Comprehensive study guide which help teachers safely address bullying
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A bully named Nightmare! is a powerful new novel for young people aged 11-15 that addresses the prevalent issue of bullying through the eyes of 12-year-old Stevie who has just had the worst day of his life.

How does Stevie reclaim his life and his school from the toxic impact of bullying, in particular the violent bully they call Nightmare?

This comprehensive and interactive study guide, guides teachers and parents as they help pre-teens and teens process bullying in a safe way through the fictional characters of the book.

With pre-reading activities, sections covering every chapter and a complete answer section for busy teachers, the study guide is perfect for using the novel as classroom book.

It also aligns with elements of the English, PHD and History curriculums, and has narrative elements addressing other key learning areas such as Indigenous culture, historical figures, mindfulness and much more.

The study guide (teacher resource) is available for free (we'll contact you) with the purchase of a class set of 30 of the print novel, or separately for a $5 download.

Purchasers are asked to respect copyright by only copying for personal or school class use.

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