A bully named Nightmare!

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When Stevie comes off much worse than second-best in a playground encounter with the kid they call Nightmare, his days, nights and everything else are turned upside down.

Hiding in the library is a temporary fix, until unusual visitors begin giving him advice in his dreams. He discovers there might just be a way to take back control of his life and even act half normal with the prettiest girl in school.

Written for ages 11 to 15, (school Years 5 to 9), A bully named Nightmare! If you can't beat 'em, join forces draws on themes such as mindfulness, self-defence, taking control, collaboration, resilience and the support of family and friends to equip young people to take back their lives in the context of being bullied.

Danny Graham is a registered psychologist and schoolteacher. He has more than 30 years experience providing counselling and psychological support services to children and teens in Australia and overseas.

Comprehensive classroom resource

Danny Graham's first novel for tweens to early teens comes with a comprehensive study guide to support use in the classroom.

The guide has 150 pages of activities that help teachers, students and parents learn and discuss responses to bullying, its causes and mental health issues such as anxiety and shame.

A bulk price is available for classroom sets of A bully named Nightmare! (see 'Buy more, Save more' - right) and the study guide is available free with class set purchases or is available for $5 otherwise. If you purchase a class set, we'll email you the guide for use within your class - thank you for respecting our author's copyright.


Brilliant! That’s the word I would use to describe A bully named Nightmare!’ Let me put it another way: it’s really, really awesome and I know it will be well received by young readers and many teachers—I hope it is used as a class novel everywhere. In its pages, we follow the exciting story of Stevie but also can feel safe in learning how to find support if needed. I cannot speak highly enough of Danny and his book.

Vicki Lloyd, teacher/Intern psychologist

Danny Graham has drawn on his considerable experience as a psychologist and teacher to produce a page-turner that tweens and teens will relate to and engage with. He combines psychology, history, martial arts and a dollop of mysticism—it’s a wonderful read and accurately describes what happens emotionally and behaviourally to children who experience bullying. It makes this a very authentic novel and a valuable resource for parents and schools.

Lisa Freeman, clinical psychologist and mother of two.

A bully named Nightmare! is an engaging narrative which teachers could use as a valuable resource with helpful strategies to support young people (pre-teens and teens) dealing with bullying, depression/anxiety and to become more resilient. The novel is a clever narrative of an everyday school environment centred on a 12-year-old boy, Stevie. It’s a fine novel with teaching material that would be invaluable for many teachers in the classroom.

Peter Johnson, school principal (retired)

In this exciting novel, the author takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy dealing with the trials and tribulations of schoolyard bullying. Key themes of belonging, courage, persistence and resilience are woven through the boy’s real-world experiences, as are the strategies he learns along the way. The author also cleverly introduces the stories of several famous historical figures as well as local traditions and cultural practices.

Kylie James, Year Six classroom teacher

In A bully named Nightmare! Danny creatively provides the reader with an insightful perspective on the nature and negative impacts of bullying. A powerful read that heightens awareness and, hopefully, in some way helps to create the positive change that is needed to build safer and healthier school and work environments.

Dr Luigi A De Frenza, rural General Practitioner, rural GP Anaesthetist MB, BS, FRACGP, GDRGP, FACRRM, FARGP, RGPA

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