Falling Up Stairs

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A true life story of overcoming the odds to find love, family and faith
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In Falling Up Stairs, prepare to laugh out loud, cry a few tears and be genuinely inspired as author Chrissy Guinery draws you into the amazing story of her life. Chrissy tells the story of her journey to overcome abuse and trauma on the way to fulfilling her destiny and a lifelong childhood dream.

With energetic wit, honesty, humour and a generous sprinkling of wisdom gleaned through her years as a wife, mother, waitress, journalist, motivational speaker and granny, Falling Up Stairs is the story of one woman’s struggle to move from loneliness and despair, to self-discovery and a realisation of the healing power of helping others.

This is the second edition of Falling Up Stairs and the first from Fifty Days Press.

Now also available as an ebook on Kindle and Kobo.

About the author

Chrissy Guinery is all about empowering others. She is a successful author and motivational speaker renown for her infectious passion for life and her desire to see others rise to fulfill their purpose & potential. Chrissy's second book, Room to Breath, is a community-focused project promoting better mental health for all Australians.

Recently Chrissy and her family were caught up in the Australian bushfire crisis that devastated the NSW south coast and her hope-tinged and dramatic account of coming through the fire will be available soon through Fifty Days Press.

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