Rusty the tractor who never gives up

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A real-life rusty tractor helps kids takes a fresh look at Australian farm life

There's counting... there's rhythm... there's farm life and Australian animals...

There's lessons about never giving up before settling in for a good night's sleep.

And there's the word plup!!

All these fun learning experiences and more, alongside colourful, vibrant illustrations from Elyssa Hallett, in this beaut new 0-4's children's book from Courtney Johnston.

From the city to the bush

First-time author from rural Queensland, Courtney Johnston, teams up with illustrator Elyssa Hallett from inner city Sydney in this rhythmic story of a fun days work on the farm.

As Rusty counts his tasks for the day, never giving up along the way, we see glimpses of farm life and native animals, finishing with a restful goodnight, ideal for younger children.

This is the first in a series of fun learning children’s book from Courtney who says she enjoyed seeing the farm through her children’s eyes.

“There are endless stories to tell and Rusty is based on our real tractor, passed down from generation to generation – a little worn but still going strong!”

Elyssa says Sydney Covid lockdowns were the setting for further developing her artistic voice and illustrating the bright, textured rural scenes in Rusty the tractor.

“It’s so satisfying to team-up with another mum on a project we know our own children will love. And parents reading who feel a little rusty will get a lift as well!”

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